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Exploring the Afterlife: A Spiritual Medium's Insights

Most of us have pondered the age-old question of what happens when we die at some point. As a Spiritual Medium, I have gained more insight into this question through my experience of giving many readings and receiving wisdom from my spiritual team. Based on that, I can clarify the common questions about life after death.

Let's address the central question first:

Is there life after death? As a Spiritual Medium, I believe a person's existence continues beyond their physical body. I base this belief on my experiences communicating with spirits who once lived in a human body. This is also true because of the Law of Conservation of Energy/First Law of Thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Scientists, including Einstein, have studied energy and discovered that all matter is made up of energy. Therefore, when matter is destroyed or broken down, the energy of that matter still exists. When the human body stops living, it leaves behind energy, which includes a soul.

When a physical body stops living, what happens to the soul? Based on my interactions with spirits, I understand that the soul goes through a process including many steps after the body dies.

  1. Separation of Body and Soul: The soul is released from the body when the body expires. Sometimes, the soul separates from the body before it dies, especially when the body is undergoing significant trauma or when the body is deteriorating, as with dementia or Alzheimer's patients. This separation can also occur to save the soul from experiencing physical pain.

  2. Stay or Grow: After death, we can move forward and grow spiritually or remain in the physical realm. Some souls stay tethered to the physical realm, often for selfish or egotistical reasons. Others, due to traumatic experiences, may not realize they have died, and they remain as what some refer to as earth-bound spirits or ghosts.

  3. Life Review: Contrary to what movies depict, we don't sit before a movie screen and watch our lives flash before our eyes after death. Instead, we relive essential moments in our lives from the point of view of the people we affect. This allows us to take responsibility for our actions and learn from them. If we deny our role in causing others pain, we remain in this transitional space of life review.

  4. Choices: Depending on our spiritual growth, we have several options following our life review. Fully enlightened souls may become Ascended Masters or merge with the Source of energy/God. Souls that need to grow may reincarnate to expand their knowledge or become Spirit Guides to help others. Souls can also choose to stay in the spiritual realm and wait for their soul group or loved ones to join them from the physical realm. There are even more options that we still need to fully understand.

Do heaven and hell exist? As far as I understand, there are no physical locations of what people refer to as "heaven" and "hell." The experience that one has after passing is personalized and unique to the individual. Although all souls end up in the spiritual realm, the idea of heaven and hell is more of a state of mind or a form of existence.

During a life review, a soul has to experience all the wrongdoings they committed from the victim's point of view. Suppose they fail to take ownership of their actions. In that case, they may remain stuck in the life review or a transitional space some might call purgatory. Souls that choose to stay in the physical realm are believed to be experiencing a form of hell. They cannot progress spiritually and are tethered to a specific space or object, preventing them from moving forward.

Heaven could be described as a state of being where you take ownership of your actions and learn from them, where you can connect with your loved ones, both in spirit and the physical realm, at any given time, and so much more. This state of existence would allow you to grow spiritually and access wisdom and knowledge. You would be able to connect with your loved ones and also send them signs.

Where is the spiritual realm? The spiritual realm is believed to coexist with the physical realm but at a different frequency. Spirits are not physical beings, as they are made up of energy. Like any other form of energy, spirits have a vibration or frequency; the more advanced a soul is, the higher its frequency. However, it can be difficult for people in this physical world to recognize the frequency at which souls exist. This is why only some know how to connect with the spiritual realm and do not see, hear, or feel the spirits. It is helpful to think of the spiritual realm as another dimension that overlaps the physical dimension. When accessing information from the spiritual realm, it is necessary to adjust your settings or carefully tune in, just like tuning into a radio station or trying to get a stronger wifi signal.

Do we retain our consciousness after death? As a spiritual medium, I assure you that people carry their consciousness to the spiritual realm after passing. They continue to express their personalities through mediumship readings, primarily to help their loved ones identify them. Spirits can showcase their personalities by cracking jokes, showing their stubbornness, or projecting a loving, nurturing energy. This means that their consciousness remains intact. Souls can also learn and grow after passing, meaning that a person's personality and understanding can evolve spiritually. It's not uncommon for a loved one to appear kinder, more apologetic, or more expressive about their love in the spiritual realm. Souls can also interact with the physical world by sending signs of their continued existence. Therefore, it's safe to say that they still have consciousness, even in the spiritual realm.

Are near-death experiences real? It is a fact that near-death experiences, commonly known as NDEs, exist. The University of Virginia has an entire division dedicated to conducting extensive scientific research on NDEs. In addition, there is a documentary titled "Surviving Death" that sheds light on NDEs and features numerous stories of individuals who have had such experiences. People who undergo NDEs typically report similar experiences, such as feeling a wave of warmth and unconditional love, loss of pain, having clear thoughts, reviewing their lives, and even seeing visions of future events.

Do we reunite with loved ones who have passed away? When a soul passes away, they have the choice of what to do next. Regardless of their decision, everyone will reunite with their loved ones in the spirit world. Typically, souls wait for their soul groups to gather before reincarnating into a new life. Many people will see their loved ones during the transition from the physical world to the spiritual realm.

Can we communicate with the deceased? It is possible to communicate with people who have passed away. As a Spiritual Medium, it's an essential part of my work. Through practice and experience, I've learned the most effective ways to communicate with spirits. It's necessary to raise your vibration to be receptive to spiritual information, which requires some effort. But you don't have to be a Spiritual Medium to connect with the spiritual realm. You can implement various techniques to strengthen your bond with the other side. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out, and I'd be glad to help you develop your spiritual connection.

How does the concept of reincarnation fit into the afterlife? The concept of reincarnation involves a spirit having more than one human experience. It allows the soul to grow, learn, and evolve by experiencing different lifetimes that offer new opportunities to learn and grow. Each reincarnation experience is focused on other lessons that help an individual grow spiritually. For example, in one lifetime, an individual may learn about the importance of familial bonds. In contrast, they may learn to be confident and stand up for themselves in another life. Sometimes, a soul may come into a life to heal from a previous experience. All of this depends on what the soul needs to move toward enlightenment.

Is space and time the same in the spiritual realm? In the spiritual realm, time and space do not operate as similarly as in the physical realm. As spirits are not bound by the limitations of the material world, they can exist in multiple places at once. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your father's spirit not spending enough time with your mother or siblings. Time is a physical concept that does not apply to the spiritual realm. This is why when someone astral projects, they can travel to the past, present, and future. There is no definite timeline for connecting with a soul after their physical body's passing. It depends on the soul's situation. Even though spirits watch over their loved ones, they may make their presence less prominent at times, allowing them space and time to heal. This is because they have consciousness and understand the importance of growth and healing.

If a Medium is in the physical realm and spirits are in the spiritual realm, how do Mediums communicate with someone's loved ones in spirit? When someone passes away, they move into the spiritual realm, while humans stay in the physical realm. It might seem impossible to communicate with the deceased, but Mediums can bridge the gap between the two realms.

A connection between the living and their loved ones in spirit remains even after death. This connection creates an energetic link between the two. Mediums can tap into this energetic stream between the living and the dead to translate information into messages.

To receive this information, a Medium must raise their vibration to reach the frequency of a spirit. Sometimes, the spirit lowers its vibration to communicate with the Medium. Once the Medium is in sync with the frequency of the spirit, they must be able to digest and transmit the message in a way that the person receiving it can understand. Becoming proficient in this skill takes a lot of studying, practice, and experience.

Exploring the afterlife can reveal different paths based on personal choices, growth, and soul connections. It's important to leave some mystery.

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