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The Law of Gratitude

The Law of Gratitude is one of the 12 Universal laws. Expressing gratitude for what you have, no matter how small, is good for your energy. It not only raises the vibration of the energy within, making you a more positive person, but it also raises the vibration of the energy you put out into the Universe. When sending out positive energy by showing gratitude, you combine the Law of Gratitude with another Universal Law, the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever energy you put out, you get back. The Universe will send you positivity and abundance when you send out gratitude. Make sure to take time everyday to express your gratitude. Because, being in a state of prepertual gratitude will keep you in a state of perpetual abundance.

Find out about how you can work with the Law Gratitude by reading our blog post: "5 Ways to Practice Gratitude".

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