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What is Manifestation?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

So, everyone is talking about this new trend that will give you everything and anything you want and it’s called Manifestation. Actually, it’s not new at all. Manifestation has been here since the 19th century. So what is Manifestation?

Here are the thoughts of the Soul on a Voyage Team on Manifestation:

“A manifestation is the physical representation of something intangible. When you are manifesting, you are aligning your intentions, beliefs and energy with your dreams and goals in order to bring them to fruition and create a manifestation of your goals and dreams."

- Nicole G.

“Is the ability to create your own reality through intention or thought.”

- Kristin D.

“Manifestation is aligning your thoughts, beliefs, or even your mindset to attract them into your reality. When you manifest something into your life you align your frequency to vibrate an alignment with that thought. You are consciously calling it into your life.”

- Glenda C.

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