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11 Ways to Develop Intuition with Self-Love

Developing intuition with self-love can be a powerful and rewarding journey. Creating a self-care practice will help you tremendously as you move forward in strengthening and trusting in your intuition. Start by thinking of ways you can show yourself some love. Here are just a few suggestions.

Love yourself by…

  1. Spending time in nature - Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and grounding yourself in nature can help to focus your energy and open up your intuition. Taking some time to relax and be in tune with your surroundings can help you to become more conscious of the subtle energies around you.

  2. Meditating - Taking time to practice mindfulness can help to still the mind and open up your intuition. Try to focus on your breath and observe your thoughts without judgment. Meditation is a great way to bring your mind, body and spirit into the present moment and allow yourself to receive intuitive messages more clearly.

  3. Journaling - Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help to bring clarity and insight into your life. It can help you get in touch with your intuition and inner wisdom. When writing, do not judge your emotions and your way of thinking, but acknowledge them and be aware of the lessons they carry. As you let your thoughts and emotions move through you, release them to make room for new ways of thinking and more positive feelings.

  4. Connecting with your body - Taking time to tune into your body can help to open up your intuition. Pay attention to physical sensations and feelings and allow them to guide you. These practices strengthen your connection with yourself and with the divine.

  5. Trusting yourself - Recognize that you have the power to make your own decisions and trust that you are making the right choices for yourself. Self-love starts with trusting your own intuition. Even the greatest spiritual workers are worthless if they cannot trust their own intuitive messages.

  6. Being patient with yourself - Realize that change doesn't happen overnight. Take time to acknowledge all of your accomplishments, anything from getting out of bed this morning to graduating from college. Realize that you have the ability to overcome anything you put your mind to, because you have in the past and do every day. Allow yourself the time to meet your goals.

  7. Practicing positive self talk - Whenever you say something negative about or to yourself, change it to a grateful comment. If you are calling yourself lazy because you didn’t accomplish as much as you were hoping for today, change it to a grateful comment like, “Thank you for allowing my body to rest so that I can be more productive tomorrow”. Showing yourself kindness will create a stronger bond with yourself and your intuition. In the future, you will be more inclined to listen to your inner voice.

  8. Not comparing yourself to others - You are you and you are not meant to be anyone else. Your path is different and your starting point is different from everyone else’s. God has a personalized lesson plan just for you. So be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives and don’t limit your path to what everyone else has experienced. When you realize God has grand plans for you, you will be more open to them and what your intuition has to tell you about them.

  9. Setting boundaries - Be selective of who you spend your time with and who you share your energy with. Be willing to say “no” when you want to or need to. Your time and your energy are precious gifts that need to be cherished.

  10. Forgiving yourself - It’s time to let go of the guilt from your past. You no longer live there, no one does. Guilt, shame and regret can be huge blocks between yourself and your intuition. So, forgive yourself for past mistakes and take the lesson you gained from the experience. Those lessons are meant to bring you the inner wisdom that your intuition has been waiting to share with you.

  11. Knowing you are worthy - You are deserving of joy and happiness, as is everyone. You are worthy of unconditional love. It is when you realize you are able to give all the things you are worthy of to yourself that you will grow exponentially in your intuition. For when you trust yourself enough to give yourself everything you’ve longed for your whole life, you fully trust your intuition.

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