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Developing your Clairsentience

Updated: Apr 30

Developing your Clairsentience can sometimes feel like you are learning a different language! Learning to listen to subtle cues that our bodies give us and knowing what they mean can take some time and definitely takes some patience! Here are a few things you can do to develop your Clairsentience:

  1. Journaling- Can help you learn your body's patterns and better understand how it talks to you by keeping a record of all the intuitive nudges and sensations you receive.  Continue to go back and update and reflect on your journal so you can notice a pattern in your feelings and what they mean.

  2. Intentionally using your abilities- Practicing using your intuition and Clairsentience is the best way to learn to trust and develop your abilities. You can do this by playing intuitive games or practice reading people's energies (only with their permission). 

  3. Add energy protection to your daily routine- It's important to set energetic boundaries especially as an Empath or a strong Clairsentient. When you are receiving too much energy input it's very hard to trust and listen to your own. It's just like if you had 5 people talking to you at once! It would be very hard to listen to just one of them. You can imagine the white light bubble around your body and set the intention to only have your own energy inside that bubble. 

  4. Receiving energy healing or Reiki- Making sure the body is clear of energetic blockages helps to enhance your spiritual abilities.  Anyone who uses their abilities should have some kind of energy maintenance every so often to keep proper energy flow and recharge their energy.

  5. Meditation- Quieting the mind is crucial for learning how to listen to your intuition and a great way to practice that is through Mediation. Meditation trains our brains to be still and be in the present moment. Learning to silence the extra mind chatter makes it easier to notice the subtle messages that our bodies are sending us. If you do not do well with sitting meditations, there are walking ones that you can do too. You can learn more about different types of meditation on our podcast episode titled “Mediation Unveiled”.

  6. Observing People- You can sit in public and just observe the people around you. Try not to place any judgment on them and notice how you feel intuitively. 

Developing your Clairsentience takes time so be sure to be patient with yourself. You have to develop a relationship with your intuition and relationships and trust take time. However, it is very worth the effort! Having strong Clairsentience can help you move through life with ease. It helps you learn to trust what feels right for you which can make decision making so much easier and from a place of alignment. It can also help you deepen your relationships with those you love and perhaps help you better recognize those relationships that do not serve you too.  If you are working towards developing your Mediumship abilities, strong Clairsentience can help make your messages from spirit come through with more clarity and detail. 

*If you need help developing your Clairsentience, you can make an appointment with one of us here at Soul On A Voyage. We are all happy to help!

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