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Clairsentience: Receiving Messages Through Feeling

Clairsentience means “clear feeling” and is one of our main psychic senses. We use this psychic sense to receive energetic information through feeling in or on our bodies and through our emotions. Clairsentient experiences can happen with no other sensory input or prior information. 

Our intuition often uses our Clairsentience to communicate with us and send information or messages.  Have you heard the phrases, “I felt it in my gut” or “I feel it in my heart”? This is your Clairsentience at work! Your intuition uses your body to communicate and guide you.  Everyone’s bodies will communicate energetic information to them a little differently. For example, if my intuition is talking to me about a dangerous situation or something I need to be cautious of, I may feel sick to my stomach. For someone else, it could be sweaty hands or a headache. 

Empathic abilities are also part of Clairsentience. People who have empathic abilities may feel the emotions or physical pain of others. Someone who has not explored their empathic abilities may not even realize that they are actually feeling someone else's emotions and can sometimes mistake them for their own.  If your mood changes drastically based on the mood of the person around you, this can indicate that you may have some empathic abilities and could be Clairsentient. 

Spirits can also use our Clairsentience for letting us know they are present and to communicate with us too. They can make us feel their emotions they had when they were living, or emotions they felt around their death. They can also make us feel health issues they had or details on how they died. This may present as heart racing or feeling pressure, tingling, twitching, temperature changes etc. on different parts of our bodies.  For example, when I feel spirit around me, my heart starts to race. For someone else, their stomach may have butterflies or they may feel a tingling in their head, hands or other places. Spirit guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings can also use our Clairsentience to send us feelings of calm, comfort, love, joy etc. 

Here are some signs that may indicate that you are Clairsentient: 

  1. Walking into a building or space and being very sensitive to its energy- For example, you may feel that there was an argument in a room before you walked in there. Or, you may go somewhere new and can feel the energy and history of it, whether it's positive or negative. 

  2. Feeling other people's emotions, even if they try to hide it- Someone may be trying to act super happy or funny, but you can feel their sadness, anger, or resentment underneath it. 

  3. Feeling discomfort that others are feeling on your own body- An example of this would be if you go meet a friend and as soon as you see them you feel discomfort in your body and later you find out that person has discomfort or injury in that same spot. Then as quickly as the feeling came, the feeling leaves. 

  4. Gut feelings that often turn out to be correct- You may have a gut feeling on the outcome of situations and they end up being right most of the time. Sometimes your gut feelings may not make sense when you first feel them, but they still turn out to be correct. This may be something you have learned to trust over time already.

  5. Sudden changes in mood depending on your environment or people around you- Have you ever started off in a great mood, then all of a sudden when you start talking to someone your mood plummets? Even if it was a happy conversation? That could be you picking up on their negative vibes. The same thing can happen when you walk into a room full of negative energy.

  6. Having a very good connection with nature and animals- If you are Clairsentient, you may find that nature and animals are very calming and you feel connected to them. You may also find its very easy for you to feel what an animal is thinking and feeling.

  7. Having new or strong emotions that seem to come out of nowhere- An example of this would be if you have ever been driving in your car and you suddenly have a random urge to cry that comes out of the blue. This may be you picking up on either a Spirit's energy or the energy of someone driving next to you.

  8. Having random episodes of a racing of the heart, feelings of tingles, butterflies in the stomach, or other sensations in your body that come on suddenly- These can all be signs your intuition is trying to give you guidance on a subject, a warning, or a “hey, pay attention to this”. Could also be Spirit trying to get your attention and letting you know they are in your energetic space. ***Now obviously some of these can be medical conditions so it's always good to speak with a doctor to rule those out first. 

If you need help with your Clairsentient abilities or have questions about developing them, reach out to one of us here at Soul on Voyage.

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