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5 Ways to Use Salt to Clear Energy

If you ask any spiritualist, “how do you protect yourself, your family, or even your home?”, usually one of those answers will be salt. Yes, the common household spice. It’s been here for centuries and is known around the world to bring seasoning and preservation to our food source. But did you know it also has a natural component of purification and protection energy?

Salt can cleanse us physically and energetically. If you take a closer look, salt is made up of tiny cubes tightly bound together. Its white color connects with purity. It also maintains our food’s freshness and gives protection properties. Although I recommend Sea Salt because it’s less processed, you can use any salt to clear your energy.

Here are some ways to use salt:

  1. Salt in the Office - Keep a container of salt on your desk to keep negative energies away.

  2. Salt Water Under Your Bed - Eliminate heavy loads, bad vibes, and fatigue by keeping a glass or bowl of water with salt under your bed.

  3. Epsom Salt Baths and Ocean Therapy - Taking an epsom salt bath and/or spending time in the ocean are great ways to remove toxins from your body improving your health, relieving stress, aiding with constipation, and assisting with weight loss.

  4. Salt and Your Home - Place salt in every corner of your home to absorb negative energies.

  5. Carry Salt with You - If you’ve been experiencing a lot of negativity or bad luck you can carry salt in a small bag/container and keep it in a pocket or purse.

Salt, like crystals, absorbs negative energies. When keeping salt in a container or bag, it is best to replace the salt every two weeks.

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