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Angels and Archangels

Angels and Archangels have fascinated people throughout the history of Christianity. Pseudo-Dionysius, a Christian theologian, classified these celestial beings into three different groups or orders: High Order (1st Triad), Middle Order (2nd Triad), and Lower Order (3rd Triad). Each triad has three distinct types, defining the roles and responsibilities of these heavenly entities.

The Celestial Hierarchy is a system that ranks Angels according to their proximity to God and divine duties. The Seraphim are the highest order, radiating with burning passion and divine love, and are closest to God. The Cherubim are in the middle of the high order, embodiments of wisdom and guardians of sacred spaces. The Thrones, associated with divine justice and authority, serve as the foundation.

Descending to the Middle Order, the Dominions oversee celestial activities and implement divine will, followed by the Virtues, who bestow blessings upon Earth and act as intermediaries. The Powers, celestial warriors, maintain cosmic order and spiritual harmony.

The Lower Order is the final tier and is led by the Principalities who guide groups and nations towards spiritual enlightenment. In the middle of the lower order are the Archangels, messengers, and protectors, delivering divine messages. Finally, the Angels are the last tier. They directly communicate with individuals and serve as personal messengers and guardians.

Angels and Archangels have distinct roles in the celestial hierarchy. Angels interact directly with humans, serving as messengers and helpers. On the other hand, Archangels hold a higher rank and serve more specialized functions. Let's explore some of the prominent Archangels and their unique attributes:

Archangel Michael:

  • Attributes: Strength, protection, release from fear

  • Color: Cobalt blue

  • Helps Humans: Provides strength, protection, and guidance, helping to overcome fear and negativity.

Archangel Raphael:

  • Attributes: Health and healing, promoting a healthy lifestyle

  • Color: Emerald green

  • Helps Humans: Supports physical and emotional healing, guides towards a healthy lifestyle.

Archangel Sandalphon:

  • Attributes: Connecting with Mother Earth, music

  • Color: Copper

  • Helps Humans: Facilitates connection with nature, delivers prayers, and brings the gift of music.

Archangel Metatron:

  • Attributes: Planet-wide transitions, energetic shifts, aiding human harmony

  • Color: Magenta

  • Helps Humans: Guides through significant transitions, assists in harnessing divine energy for human harmony, associated with sacred geometry.

Archangel Zadkiel:

  • Attributes: Keeping peace, finding balance, fostering compassion

  • Color: Deep purple

  • Helps Humans: Encourages peace, balance, and compassion towards oneself and others.

Archangel Raziel:

  • Attributes: Spiritual growth, teaching universal energy, connecting with inner wisdom

  • Color: Gold

  • Helps Humans: Guides spiritual growth, imparts knowledge of universal energy, connects with inner wisdom.

Archangel Gabriel:

  • Attributes: Angel of mothers, bringing good news, nurturing energy

  • Color: White

  • Helps Humans: Brings positive news, nurtures, and supports inner child healing.

Archangel Haniel:

  • Attributes: Associated with the moon, opening the third eye

  • Color: White and light blue

  • Helps Humans: Facilitates spiritual insight, particularly with the moon's energy.

Archangel Chamuel:

  • Attributes: Love and purpose, opening the heart to love

  • Color: Pink

  • Helps Humans: Assists in finding love within, discovering purpose, and opening the heart.

Archangel Uriel:

  • Attributes: Bringing light into darkness, inspiration, aiding decision-making

  • Color: Yellow, orange, or red

  • Helps Humans: Provides inspiration, assists in decision-making, and brings light to darkness.

Archangel Jophiel:

  • Attributes: Clearing away stagnant energy, finding inner beauty

  • Color: Green

  • Helps Humans: Aids in removing negativity, guides in discovering inner beauty.

Angels and Archangels often communicate with us through subtle signs and sensations to convey their presence and provide guidance. Below are some common ways they make their presence known:

1. Seeing Numbers: Angels may use repeated numbers to convey specific messages or guidance.

2. Tingling Sensations: Feeling a gentle energy or vibration on the head or body can signify angelic presence or guidance.

3. Fluttery Heart: Experiencing a warm or fluttery sensation in the heart area may signal the presence of Angels, indicating their love and positive influence.

4. Sudden Rush of Love: A sudden and overwhelming feeling of love or warmth may signify the presence of Angels, conveying a sense of comfort and reassurance.

5. Tingles on Back: Sensations of tingling on the back, where Angel wings would be, are seen as a direct sign of angelic presence, symbolizing protection and support.

6. Colors in the Third Eye: During meditation or spiritual practices, seeing vibrant colors or specific hues in the mind's eye can be how Angels communicate, with each color carrying its own symbolic meaning.

To connect with Angels and Archangels, keep an open mind, be present, trust your instincts, use positive thoughts, let go of control, and seek support. Embracing the wisdom and love of Angels can bring comfort, reassurance, and a sense of divine presence into your life.

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