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Block Negative Energy with a Protection Bubble

Whether or not you know it, everyone is able to pick up on energy around them. Have you ever encountered an angry coworker and walked away angry yourself? Have you ever felt sad after speaking with someone who just lost a loved one? Have you ever felt happy after seeing a smiling baby? Everyone is capable of sensing energy from people around them, locations they are in and even spiritual beings near by. Not only can you pick up on the good stuff but also the bad. So, it’s a good idea to find ways to block out the less desirable energies any way that you can. This is especially true for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Healers, Psychics and others with spiritual abilities, since they are more susceptible to absorbing energy.

Negative energies can be targeted at specific people or they could be unintentionally put out into the world and easily collected by spiritually sensitive people like myself. That is why one of the first things my grandmother taught me was how to protect myself from negative energies with what she called a Protection Bubble. A Protection Bubble is a way to clear the energy within and around you as well as block undesirable energies and entities from entering your space by envisioning a circle of light around you.

Here’s how you too can create a Protection Bubble for your personal spiritual safety:

  • Begin in a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with your feet on the ground. Take deep breaths to calm and relax your body, as you ask God (or the Universe) to send down His holy light from above.

  • Visualize the golden-white light creating a column from the sky above and making it’s way into the top of your head, as it enters your Crown Chakra.

  • It pours into you, coating every inch of you like paint slowly running down walls. As the light fills your body, head to toe, it makes you radiate with a golden-white color.

  • The light continues through the bottom of your feet and from the base of your spine as it flows through you and creates roots that penetrate the ground beneath you. They make their way into the earth below. The roots stretch out as the light flows from above you, through you and into the earth. The light carries away any residual, stale energy as it cleanses your personal essence and connects you to the earth, grounding you.

  • Once your energy is cleansed, the light begins to expand beyond your body, pushing out any remaining unsavory energies, as it forms a circle of light around you. This circle, or bubble, can be as big or small as you’d like.

  • Now it’s time to set an intention for your bubble. I like to say “Only positive energy and positive spirits whom walk in God’s white light are allowed in my space. All negative energies and negative spirits are repelled by the light and not allowed to enter my space at any time.” I repeat this to my Spirit Guides, the Spirit World, and to Spirits in general, until I feel the energy is clear and I feel a sense of peace and confidence in my Protection Bubble.

When I first started using my Protection Bubble to block unwanted energies, I practiced it each night and each morning. Each time I practiced, I felt my bubble lasted a little longer than the time before. I needed to do the visualization less often. Now, when I feel the urge to use my Protection Bubble, it just takes a minute or two at most to get it up and activated.

I always use a Protection Bubble before doing any spiritual work. I suggest you do the same when opening up to the Spirit World. You can also use this method if you deal with anxiety in crowds or when leaving your home. You are welcome to use my technique or tweak it to suit you better. However, please be sure to include these important steps: cleanse your energy, ground yourself and set an intention for your bubble to keep out negative energies. To find more ways to protect yourself spiritual, check out my post “How to Protect Yourself as an Empath”. Remember to follow your intuition and do what feels right for you in goodness and love, because you’re worth it.

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