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Clairvoyance is one of our main psychic senses. Our psychic senses are used when we are receiving information from energetic or vibrational sources that we can not pick up through our 5 physical senses.  The word Clairvoyance can be linked back to the French words, clair meaning “clear” and voir meaning “to see”. So Clairvoyance means clear seeing. Using our Clairvoyant abilities would involve us seeing more than what the physical eyes normally see. This could be seeing energy surrounding a person, place or thing, seeing spiritual energy, seeing through people’s outward appearances, or “seeing” into the past, present or future. 

Usually, Clairvoyant information is received through images, symbols, or visual impressions in the mind/third eye, or in dreams. When you are working Clairvoyantly, you may feel like you are imagining things, but really, it's just energetic information being translated into mental images. Energy and Spirit use your imagination to convey Clairvoyant information. This is why some people in the spiritual community call it your "sacred imagination". Sometimes Clairvoyant messages look like movies playing in your head. However, sometimes if someone has very strong clairvoyant abilities, they may see energy with what feels like their physical eyes. When you are working with your Clairvoyance, the images that you see are usually through your own scope of reference. This means that energetic information is translated into images using what you already know, or have experienced so you can best understand the messages you are receiving. 

If you are wondering if you have naturally stronger Clairvoyant abilities, there are some signs that you can look out for. Here is a list of some of those signs:

  1. Vivid Dreams: Regularly experiencing vivid, detailed dreams that later seem to have connections to real-life situations.

  2. Visual Imagination: Possessing a rich visual imagination, often daydreaming or mentally picturing scenes, people, or places with clarity.

  3. Seeing Spirits or Entities: Experiencing sightings of spirits, entities, or other non-physical beings that others may not see.

  4. Seeing Auras: Being able to perceive subtle energy fields (auras) around people, animals, or objects as colors or light.

  5. Premonitions: Having sudden, strong feelings or visions about future events that later come true.

  6. Symbolic Insights: Receiving flashes of symbols or images during meditation, relaxation, or everyday activities, which seem to carry meaning.

  7. Déjà Vu: Frequently experiencing the feeling that a current situation has been seen or experienced before.

  8. Visual Flashes: Seeing quick flashes of images or scenes in the mind's eye without deliberate effort.

It is important to remember that just because you have experienced one of these signs doesn’t always mean you are a Clairvoyant. If you have experienced a few of them multiple times, then it may be something you want to look into further developing. Contact one of us here at Soul On a Voyage to help you get started!

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