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Fears Around Spirituality and How to Release Them

Having a spiritual awakening and stepping into the world of spirituality can transform your life and bring you a sense of inner peace and a greater connection with spirit and the universe. This can be a very profound and life changing experience that can also bring some fears along with it. These fears can sometimes hold people back from further exploring Spirituality or their spiritual abilities. Fortunately, there are ways one can work through these fears and continue with a spiritual awakening. Listed below are some common fears that people may experience:

1. Fear of Going Against Belief Systems

For those who have grown up with a specific religious background, exploring spirituality can feel scary. Some people have been taught that spirituality as a whole goes against all of their religions’ teachings and can even be considered “the devils” work. The fear of going against one’s religious beliefs can be very difficult to let go of. If this fear is very strong for you, it can be helpful to keep in mind that at its core, spirituality is about embracing our connection with the universal love that links us all and helps us focus on healing ourselves and others. LOVE is the main focus of spirituality. This is the same concept at the heart of most major religions. This means you can integrate some spiritual practices into your life without completely abandoning your religious belief system.

2. Fear of Connecting With Something “Negative”

Sometimes when people open their minds and start their spiritual journey, they may find themselves connecting more with spiritual beings. These can be spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, celestial beings or loved ones in spirit. Many people have been taught most of their lives that seeing or hearing spirits is a scary thing or a bad thing. This often comes from religious belief systems, or even movies that depict spirits as something to be feared. They put forth the idea that all spirits are negative. The fear of encountering a negative energy can hold people back from experiencing truly loving spirits that are there to help guide them! Learning how to set energetic boundaries can help alleviate the fears of encountering negative energy.

Here is a short meditation you can do to set up energetic boundaries:

You can start by taking a few deep breaths and imagining a bubble of light surrounding your body. Then, set an intention that only loving energy or beings that support your highest good can enter this bubble. Because energy works with intentions, you can determine the type of energy that is allowed to be in your space or protective bubble. It’s important to remember, YOU are in control of the type of energy that is around YOU. This was something that I struggled with in the beginning of my spiritual journey. It eventually sank in that I am always protected because I set those boundaries and rules with energy and spirit.

3. Fear of Rejection and Judgment

Spirituality is a deeply personal journey that can lead you to explore beliefs and practices that differ from those of your family, friends, or what most people perceive as “normal”. The fear of rejection or judgment from others can prevent many from openly discussing spirituality or embracing their spiritual abilities. Sometimes the judgment can come from skeptics, people from the scientific community and people with strong religious beliefs. It’s important to know that your spirituality is about your own growth and connection, and it doesn’t need approval or validation from others. However, it does help to seek out others who are going through the same spiritual awakening as you. You can find meetup groups online, listen to podcasts, read books or find a spiritual mentor to help you feel like you are not alone. Because you are not!!! There are so many people who are also part of the spiritual community.

4. Fear Of Not Being Worthy

Oftentimes when people start to open up to their spiritual abilities and embrace spirituality, they start to experience the fear of not being worthy of such a strong connection. The thoughts of “ why me”, “ I can’t handle this”, or “ I am nobody special” tend to surface. It’s important to practice affirmations to help shift your mindset when these thoughts roll in. An example of an affirmation to help with not feeling worthy is: “I am a divine being, I am always connected to the love and wisdom of the universe”. Everyone is worthy! These abilities and spiritual connections are wired in all of us and we are all meant to use them in some capacity to help us in our lives.

5. Fear of Confronting the “Shadow” self

Spirituality often involves introspection, self-reflection, and facing one’s inner demons or the “shadow self”. This can seem like an uncomfortable and difficult task, as it requires acknowledging and dealing with past trauma, unresolved emotions, and personal weaknesses. However, acknowledging these aspects of the self and working through them is a big step toward personal growth and healing. This healing can then kick start stronger feelings of self-love and acceptance, helping you live a deeper and more fulling life.

6. Fear of Death and the Afterlife

Exploring spirituality often involves deep thought into the nature of life and death. The fear of the unknown regarding what happens after we leave our bodies can be a significant barrier to spiritual exploration. However, spirituality can provide comfort by helping us to understand that there is no death, just a transition to the next leg of our soul’s journey!

These are just some of the fears people may experience as they come into an awakening and start to explore their spirituality or spiritual abilities. If you are having fears that are holding you back from moving forward in your spiritual growth, try some of the ways mentioned above to release them. If you are still having trouble letting go of fears, you can find someone (could be one of us) to work with that can help guide you through them.

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