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How are Psychics and Mediums Different?

There is an ongoing discussion within the spiritual community about the differences and similarities of Psychics and Mediums. Some feel that all mediums are Psychics but not all Psychics are Mediums. Soul on a Voyage believes that you can develop the skills to become a medium if you already exhibit psychic abilities.

You see, Psychics and Mediums both use their extrasensory abilities called Clairs to gain information from energy. However, where they receive the information is what differs. Psychics receive messages from the energy of the living, from physical objects and locations. Mediums receive their messages from energetic beings. These energetic beings can include your departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, ascended masters and other spiritual beings.

We believe that with practice and by honing their Clairs, all Psychics can become Mediums. It just takes time and guidance. So, let’s instead say “all Mediums are Psychic and all Psychics are budding Mediums”.

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