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What is Spirit?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The word "Spirit" can be used to define many things, from a soul to a type of mood and even the essence of something. Since spirit is such a broadly defined word that we will be using a lot on this site, we wanted to make sure you knew what we mean when we use the word Spirit.

Therefore, we decided to ask each of our team members to describe what they feel and understand Spirit to be for them. This is what they shared:

"Spirit to me is a being/force/energy that is a higher vibration than myself or it may also be my higher self."

-Glenda C.

"I believe that Spirit is any energy with a consciousness."

-Nicole G.

"All Spirit is a manifestation of consciousness of God or the Creator."

-Kristin D.

Essentially, when we discuss Spirit here on Soul on a Voyage, we are referring to any and all energies and entities that exist outside of this physical world that originate from a higher vibration. What do you believe Spirit to mean?

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