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Loving Yourself Through Grief

Self-love can be a powerful tool for healing. When you practice self-care, you give yourself the necessary time and energy to process your emotions, which can help you move through grief and trauma and create positive change in your life. Having gone through my loss, there is a list of things I would have liked to know so that I might have taken better care of myself when I was going through it.

Remember, you are never alone and always loved because love is a powerful energy. When we give ourselves love, we can transition through grief. Self-love through grief takes patience, practicing healthy boundaries, releasing energy, being vulnerable to forgive yourself, and asking for help. You have all these inside of you.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions. It's natural to handle many emotions when grieving, including sadness, anger, guilt, and relief. However, allowing yourself to experience these emotions entirely is essential, rather than trying to suppress or ignore them. Acknowledge your feelings and permit yourself to feel them without judgment.

Since grief has no timeline and we can't just "get over it," it's essential to be patient and practice self-compassion. Grief beats to its own drum and never ends, but it can change over time. Don't feel ashamed about your feelings or believe in how grief is. You also don't have to be embarrassed to cry. Crying doesn't mean you are weak. I have cried a lot during these times and will do it again to release these energies inside me. I give myself and my body time to release the energy. Treat yourself with the kindness, care, and understanding you would offer a friend. This includes comforting self-talk, taking time for yourself, and practicing self-care activities that make you feel good.

When we give ourselves love by practicing healthy boundaries, the common healthy boundaries provide us with time, energy, privacy, emotions, home, and belongings. But your boundaries will be based on your needs and those around you. It is okay to say no. Sometimes boundaries seem like limiting your support from other people while tending to your grief. You'll watch on your own because you can only do so much. You'll have so many emotions moving through you that setting these boundaries will give you time to sort these emotions/energies.

Another great way is to release energy; this will help move the energy through you. The best way to release energy is to go outside to nature and ground yourself. I love going to the beach and having the ocean take the energy I don't need. And if you do not have a beach to go to, you can soak yourself with Epsom salt in a warm bath and let the water take the energy you don't need to go down the drain. All these emotions can leave us feeling emotionally drained and spiritually disconnected. Releasing these energies will increase your well-being and deepen your spiritual connection. Another way to release energy is to take care of your physical health. Consider trying stress-reducing activities like yoga or meditation.

Forgiveness is a powerful self-love tool you could ever do for yourself. It gives us the ability to let go of a painful past. It will transform grief into healing. Sometimes we don't know that we carry anger and resentment in our hearts and get poisoned. Forgiving is the only way to move forward for ideal space and love. You'll feel empathy, compassion, and affection. Forgive yourself for being human, making mistakes, and carrying any regrets. Forgive those who are around us. Forgive those who don't know how to comfort us. Forgive their actions and comments. Forgive them for their inability to be there for you.

Ask for help because help is always there. Someone will always be there for you. All you need to do is ask. Surround yourself with people who love and care for you and will listen when you need to talk. Consider joining a grief support group where you can connect with others who are going through a similar experience.

The grieving process can be challenging, but there are many ways to practice self-love and care for yourself during this time. By allowing yourself to feel your emotions, practicing self-compassion, connecting with supportive people, taking care of your physical health, practicing mindfulness, and setting boundaries, you can learn to love and care for yourself through grief. Healing takes time. Just know that you are not alone in this process.

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