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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Going through a spiritual awakening can be a beautiful life altering process, but it can also feel lonely at times. Having a support network through all the ups and downs is important to help you stay connected with an open heart. Soul on a Voyage knows this all too well!

Nicole's Story

Although I had supportive family and friends, I still felt the need to find a group of friends to have deep and thought provoking conversations with. I longed to find others whom have had similar spiritual experiences as myself. After struggling to find these people in my community and online I decided to manifest my soul tribe. I wrote on a blue post-it: “I will find like-minded friends to have deep and thoughtful spiritual conversations with.” I hung that post-it note on my wall where I could see it and read it every day. Soon after I met Glenda.

G's story

After going through a very difficult time in my life, I felt something was missing, unbalanced. I knew I needed support and people who have had the same experiences as me. Then, a friend of mine told me someone suggested her to see a Medium named Nicole. She then told me about her and said “You like readings! You should go first!” I went on her website and I scheduled a session with her for January 2021. That session with her made me realize that this is what I needed. I needed someone like her to talk about all these things that had been happening to me.

Kristin's story

After making the decision to fully embrace myself as a Medium, I wanted to find people who could relate to me and who I could talk to. I had no friends that were Mediums and I had not told anyone about my abilities.  One day, I randomly felt pulled to tell an old co-worker of mine that I am a Medium.  She was very sweet and open about it and told me about an old college friend of hers whom is also a Medium. She had recently connected with this friend again, after not being in touch for over 20 years .  That friend was Nicole. She gave Nicole my phone number and we set up a Zoom meeting in February 2021. Nicole said she was working with a few other developing Mediums that wanted someone to talk to also! I was so happy to find the friends and support group I was looking for.

We are all fortunate to have found each other during some of the most vulnerable stages of our journey, when we needed that extra guidance and support more than ever. It gave us and continues to give all of us opportunities to learn from each others experiences, as well as uplift each other to our fullest potentials. Our connection was divinely orchestrated, so that we could create the community that we longed for and that you probably long for too, Soul on a Voyage.

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