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Psychics and Mediums: Is there a Difference?

Many people go to Psychics and Mediums to gain insight into their lives from the metaphysical world. Psychics and Mediums both use their extra sensory abilities to see, hear, feel and connect with energy. Even though there are some things they have in common, there are some distinct differences in their methods and types of connections that they have with energy or the spirit world. In this blog post, we will be talking about some of these similarities and differences.

Using Their Clairs

As mentioned above, Psychics and Mediums both use their extrasensory abilities, or their Clairs to connect with energy. The Clairs are senses that are outside of your 5 basic senses. The Clairs are used to connect with and pick up energy. The 4 main Clair’s are: clairvoyance (seeing the past, present, or future), clairaudience (hearing beyond the physical world), clairsentience (feeling or sensing information), and claircognizance (knowing information).

Psychics use their Clairs to connect with energy in the past, present and future to provide insight, and guidance for people who are looking for answers and purpose in their lives.

Mediums use their Clairs to connect directly with the spirit world. They help the living communicate and deliver messages from their deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Celestial beings, Angels, or any other spiritual beings.

Sources of Information

Even though Psychics and Mediums both use their Clairs for information, they are often receiving the information from different sources.

Psychics are usually connected with the energy of a person, place, event or object when receiving their messages and information. They can also see the aura and energy of the person they are reading. Psychics also have the ability to connect with universal consciousness to do things such as remote viewing. Remote viewing is seeing or observing a place that is very far away.

Mediums connect directly with spirits and connect with their energy for messages and evidence of the afterlife that can provide comfort, closure and healing to the living.

Methods and Tools

Both Psychics and Mediums will sometimes use tools to help them with their connection and gather more information. They both can use tarot, angel, or oracle cards, crystals, divining rods, pendulums or meditation. For Psychics, these tools help them tap into the energy and vibrations of a living person or situation. Mediums use them to better understand the messages that a spirit may be giving them.

Psychics and Mediums play unique roles in helping individuals explore the mysteries beyond the physical world. They both offer answers, comfort, and connections that can be profoundly transformative in their own ways, even though they may receive their information from different sources.

It is important to note that there is a saying in the spiritual community that says: “All Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums”. It is true that all Mediums are Psychics and they often use both mediumship and psychic abilities in a reading. However, I believe that all Psychics can become Mediums if they choose to further develop their abilities.

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