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The Molecular Magic of Healing Crystals

Humans working with crystals is not a “New Age” idea. Crystals have been used throughout history in many different cultures around the world. Their healing properties, seemingly magical abilities, and beauty have been utilized for centuries and continue to be. Thanks to technology you are most likely tapping into the power of crystals right now without even realizing it.

Did you know that currently crystals are used in all kinds of technology? The geometric molecular structure of crystals provides them with a powerful and stable energetic frequency. This makes it possible for crystals to manipulate energy by influencing its vibration and direction. Crystals are capable of storing, focusing, resonating and amplifying energy. This is why you can find them in computer chips, satellites, LCD screens, ultrasounds, lasers, watches, camera lenses, inkjet printers, lighters and much more.

The most common crystal that is used in technology is Quartz. This is due to its combination of Silicon Dioxide quantities and strong molecular structure, giving it piezoelectric abilities. The piezoelectric abilities of Quartz allows it to convert applied physical energy into an electric charge. It can also do the opposite by transmuting electric energy into a physical vibration. Another reason Quartz is favored in the tech world is because it can be engineered, making it an easy resource to obtain.

You might be asking, “how does this all relate to the healing properties of crystals?”. As mentioned before, due to the stable frequency of crystals they strongly influence the energy around them. This means, when you meditate with a crystal your energy will be encouraged to find balance with the vibrations of the crystal that you are working.

To help you better understand how the vibrations of a crystal affects your energy, let's talk about Spontaneous Synchronization. This is the natural occurrence that happens when there is more than one entity and each has its own frequency but, the coupling of the entities will cause their vibrations to become synchronized. Consider the fact that when you cuddle with someone you love, your heartbeats can become synchronized. Spontaneous synchronization has also been observed in crowds, for example when walking and applauding. Animals will also synchronize. You can witness spontaneous synchronization with flocks of birds, schools of fish, and groups of fireflies. However, spontaneous synchronization does occur on the subatomic level, as well as in more grand situations like the cosmos.

Be mindful of which crystals you work with because each crystal's growth, structure, and color determines the type of energy it resonates. So, do your research and find out which crystals will work best for you or which crystals resonate with who you aspire to be. Don’t forget to take care of your crystals to optimize their healing benefits as described in my blog post "How to Clear, Charge, and Program Crystals".

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