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Top 3 Fall Equinox Spiritual Practices

The Fall Equinox, also called the Autumnal Equinox or Mabon, is the time of year when the season changes from summer to fall. Every year it falls between September 21-24 in the northern hemisphere. On this day the sun is directly above the equator, balancing out the sunlight on the northern and southern hemispheres. The placement of the sun on the Fall Equinox allows a balance in light, giving us a 12 hour day with a 12 hour night.

There are many great spiritual practices to do in celebration of the Fall Equinox. We would like to share our top three favorites.

Our Top 3 Spiritual Practices for the Fall Equinox

  1. Release the stagnant energy from yourself and from your home to allow space for new opportunities and adventures. This is a good time to clear out negativity to make room for joy. Not sure how to clear energy from your home? Check out our blog post, Clearing Residual Energies from Your Home, to see the practices we use.

  2. Create a list of things you are grateful for. Here are a few things to be grateful for this Fall Equinox: the abundance your hardwork has brought you; how far you have come in life due to overcoming obstacles; and the ability to change for the better.

  3. Bring balance back into your life. Balance is significant for the Fall Equinox because it is a day with equal parts light and darkness. However, this year balance is even more significant because the Fall Equinox lands on 9/22/22. In numerology, 2 is a symbol of harmony, positivity and balance. A great way to bring balance into your life is by first acknowledging the abundance you have received, then give what you can with gratitude. You can also achieve balance when you are mindful of stressors that often come with this season and be prepared to practice healthy coping skills to manage them. Balance can come with positive thinking as well. When you have a negative thought, balance it out with a positive version of the same thought.

If you are reading this post after the Fall Equinox, don’t fret. These practices can be done any time you would like. But keep in mind, there's a Spring and Fall Equinox every year. So, save this post and you'll be ahead of the curve next year.

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