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What are Affirmations?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There are many times in our lives when we feel like the world is out to get us. It can be tough to move through this world when we feel powerless. However, there are a lot of great ways to reclaim your power. A wonderful vehicle for taking back control over your life is practicing daily affirmations.

Not sure what affirmations are? Keep reading and the Soul on a Voyage team will share how they define affirmations.

"Positive statements that you make about yourself to help you feel encouraged and motivated are called affirmations."

-Nicole G.

"Affirmations are spoken or written intentions you declare to empower yourself. For example - I am safe, I am happy, I am loved."

-Kristin D.

"Affirmations are powerful statements that help motivate your conscious mind. The more you repeat them the more it’ll help you not go into self-sabotaging yourself. Bitch don’t do it!! 😆😂"

-Glenda C.

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