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What are Chakras?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

You have probably heard people talk about their energy not flowing due to their chakras being out of alignment. Or maybe you've heard that a part of their body is not feeling right because of a blocked chakra? That might be confusing if you don't know what a chakra is. So, the Soul on a Voyage team is here to help by sharing a little of what they know about chakras.

"Chakras originally come from India. Chakras are believed to be spiritual energy centers throughout our bodies. Each Chakra links spiritual energy to specific parts of our physical bodies as well as emotional aspects of our souls."

-Nicole G.

"Chakras are energy centers through out our energetic field and body. They aide in the flow of universal energy or life force energy to and from us. Sometimes the life force energy flow to a particular chakra can get blocked due to trauma or life experiences and can affect the parts of the physical body associated with it."

-Kristin D.

"Chakras are the energy points in your body. They provide subtle energies to help your body function at their best level. They also give off subtle energy hints in your body that indicates some blockages."

-Glenda C.

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