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What are Ghosts?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When you think of ghosts, you might think of the movie “Ghost” where a deceased, loving husband tries to connect with his still living wife. Or you may think of haunted houses full of lost souls stuck in a building longing to torture the living. Or you might just think about a halloween costume made from throwing a sheet on top of your head and cutting out two holes for eyes. It is more common for someone to have a negative or scared reaction to the word ghost, thanks to how Hollywood represents ghosts in movies. But what is a ghost really?

Here is how the SOV team defines the term ghost:

"I believe a ghost is a spirit that manifests so that the living may witness its existence."

-Nicole G.

"'Ghosts' are the spirit, energy, or consciousness of a person who has previously left their body."

-Kristin D.

"I believe a ghost is another word for soul or spirit that does not have a physical body. I also believe the word “ghost” has evolved as referring to it as a negative aspect and Spirit to a positive."

-Glenda C.

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