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What is Frequency and Vibration?

Updated: May 29, 2023

When we think about vibration and frequency what first may come to mind is a radio station. When we want to listen to a certain station, we tune into that stations "signal" or specific vibrational frequency. This is similar to what our bodies do when connecting to the vibration of energy.

Here are our team's answers to what Frequency and Vibration are in regards to connecting in spirituality:

"All energy vibrates and all energy vibrates at different frequencies. Some things have a high frequency and some low. Spirit has a very high vibrational frequency compared to people."

-Kristin D.

"Everything is made of energy and energy is always moving. The repetitive motion of energy is called its' vibration. The rate at which energy vibrates is called the frequency. When energy has high vibration, it has a high frequency."

-Nicole G.

"Frequency is the measurement of energy waves and it sends off a ripple effect of vibration. The vibration can be measured high or low depending on the emotions. Like the saying, 'like attract like'. Which means the frequency at which you are vibrating affects things external to you, and attracts more of the same frequency as you."

-Glenda C.

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