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What is Spirituality?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Spirituality is often defined as anything relating to the human spirit. That's a rather vague definition, which can leave the word "spirituality" open to interpretation. This makes the word rather difficult to describe especially since spirituality can represent something different for everyone.

For some, spirituality is the act of connecting with a higher power. For others, it's connecting to nature, the universe, the spirit world, or one's true self. When asked, "What does spirituality mean to you?", this is how our team members answered:

"I believe spirituality is the practice of connecting with a higher power to help you become the best version of your authentic self and to help you discover your life's purpose."

-Nicole G.

"Spirituality to me is the way a person lives. When one lives as an individual who believes in a being higher than themselves. I believe it's about finding purpose by learning lessons through life experiences. It is finding peace not only from within one's self but also around one's self."

-Glenda C.

"Spirituality is opening your heart to the universal consciousness that links us all."

-Kristin D.

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