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Connecting with Spirit Guides

We all have our own spiritual team that helps guide us throughout life. Spirit Guides are kinda like the quarterbacks of this team. They are the ones calling the plays that help guide us to the correct “positions” for paths that we have chosen for this life. Spirit Guides also help us learn the lessons we need to learn to further our soul's expansion. 

Who are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are spirits who have decided to stay in the spiritual realm to help humans along their paths. Spirit Guides are spirits who used to be humans too, and can sometimes have had a similar experience in their previous lives to the person they are guiding. This helps them to understand what their human is going through. Spirit Guides can be people we knew in a previous life or sometimes even spirits we knew when we were on the other side.  Some Spirit Guides also benefit from being a guide. It can help them with their own spiritual ascension and continued learning in the spirit realm. 

How many Spirit Guides do we have? 

How many Spirit Guides we have depends on the person, but generally, everyone has certain guides for certain things. There is a different type of guide for different things in our lives. These guides may not stay with us our entire life either. Some guides will switch depending on what we are going through and where we are in our development. However, there are some guides that may stay with us our whole life and possibly have been there throughout every life we have had. Here is a list of some common types of Spirit Guides:

  1. Joy Guides- guide you to what will bring you the most joy in life. They usually are the ones reminding you to be more childlike or laugh more if that's something you haven't been doing. 

  1. Healing Guides- helps you to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.  If you feel the need to change something in your habits or diet, or go to the doctor to get checked out but you don't know why…. that would be them stepping in!

  2. Teacher Guides- show you universal truths or lead you to books/ movies, information etc. that can help further your development or learning. 

  3. Relationship Guides- help you with your communication, emotions or other things that are involved in relationships. This can be with friends, loved ones, co-workers or partners. 

  4. Protection/Gatekeeper Guides- can help protect your energy from people, places or spirit. They are what allows or does not allow certain spirits close to you. You can call on them when you need to set better boundaries with the living or with energy/spirit. 

  5. Inspirational/Muse Guides- provides downloads or inspiration for creative projects, business endeavors, vision boards etc.  If you have writer's block, call on them!

  6. Dream Guides- communicate through dreams sometimes direct, but often through symbolism. If you find insight or solve problems in your sleep, this could be from your dream guides!

  7. Intuition/Spiritual Growth Guides- provide spiritual guidance and support. They can help you connect with your intuition, spirit and your higher self.

  8. Lead/Main Guide or Elder Guide- this is the guide that is with you through your whole life and sometimes previous lives as well. They help organize your life plan, as well lead the other guides that help guide you. They are like the coach to the quarterbacks!! 

** If you want to learn about each one of these guides in more detail, listen to our episode titled: “Connecting with your Spirit Guides”on our podcast, “The Spiritual Rabbit Hole”. 

How do we connect with Spirit Guides?

Our Spirit Guides are always there for us, but their guidance comes through more clearly when we set an intention to connect with them. This helps us be more consciously aware of the help they are sending. A lot of times we are so busy and caught up in our lives that we miss most of what they send to us. Here are some ways to establish a better connection between you and your spirit guides after setting an initial intention:

  1. Invite them in to help- You can speak out loud to them and ask them to help you in specific situations during your day, or problems you need help finding an answer to. Sometimes the act of asking puts them into high gear!

  2. Meditation- You can sit in mediation and ask for your Guides to come close and introduce themselves to you. If you are new to meditation or connecting with spirit, try to find a guided meditation specifically to meet your Spirit Guides or a mentor who can help you.  Once you learn to meditate, you can ask your Guides for their names, ask what they look like, what they help you with, and if there is something you need to know.  Whatever comes to mind, trust it and write it down. Again, this may take practice and you may need to start with a mentor first. Be patient with yourself and them.

  3. Speak with a Medium- If you do not want to try to connect with a Guide yourself, you can meet with a Medium (like one of us at Soul On a Voyage!). The medium can speak to your Guides for you and give you messages and guidance from them. 

  4. Show them Gratitude- Giving thanks to our Guides raises our vibration and helps us to connect better with them. Our Guides have a higher vibration than we do. So when we raise ours, it helps us meet theirs and connect more clearly. Also, expressing gratitude works with the Law of Attraction. The more you thank your Guides, the more things they will do for you to be grateful for.  Read our blogs about Gratitude and the 12 Universal Laws.

How Do Your Guides Communicate?

  1. Numbers- Guides love to use numbers to communicate with us! Numbers are always around us here on earth. They like to give repeating numbers such as 111,222,333, etc. If you see them alot, it could be your Guides trying to guide you in a certain direction. Pay attention to what you were doing or thinking about when you see those numbers. 

  2. Signs- In my experience, Guides are great at giving signs! If we ask for them to give a specific sign, they will send it! Sometimes when we ask for something very specific, it feels like a “challenge accepted” message from them!  If you want to see a puppy riding a dolphin as your sign, go ahead and ask!

  3. Synchronicities- The more we connect with universal consciousness and our Spirit Guides, the more synchronicities we will have in our lives. A lot of times, Guides will send us messages through our thoughts and those can be hard to notice. But if we later see numerous things throughout our day that align with those thoughts.... that's a synchronicity! It could be a message from our Guides. For example, maybe you had a random thought in your head that you should try to eat beets to improve some aspect of your health. Then later that day, you saw a brand new advertisement for beets on the tv, then at the store, then read a magazine or book that brought them up and then a friend randomly talks about beets to you…those would all be synchronicities! Your Guides were giving you that information and making sure you didn't disregard it. When these synchronicities happen, do not dismiss them as a "coincidence”. It's your Guides! Synchronicities don’t have to be just through thoughts though, they can happen through anything.

  4. Music- Guides can be very creative when trying to get our attention! They will sometimes use music to give us a message. Sometimes it's the random song lyrics in your head that came out of nowhere. Other times it's the song on the radio that you hear and you feel like you are supposed to concentrate on a few lines from it but you don't know why. This can be your Guides telling you… hey! Pay attention to this! 

What Do Our Guides Look Like?

In my experience as a Psychic Medium, all guides look different! When I am doing a reading for someone, their Guides will sometimes appear in a significant way that reflects the person I am reading. If you are connecting with your own Spirit Guides, trust whatever image pops into your head. They give you an image so you know how to identify them again the next time you connect. The appearance just helps you know which one you are speaking with or maybe what their role might be. If you do not see your spirit guide, its ok! Their appearance isn't as important as their message. The same goes for their names. They may give you a name, or they may not. Again, their message is the most important thing. 

Give communicating with your Spirit Guides a try! If you would like some guidance on getting to know your Spirit Guides, contact one of us here at Soul on a Voyage, we would be happy to help.

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