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Exercises to Develop Your Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is one of our main extrasensory senses. We use our extrasensory senses to receive information from energetic or vibrational sources that we do not perceive through our 5 physical senses.  Clairvoyance means clear seeing. Using our Clairvoyant abilities would involve us seeing more than what the physical eyes "normally" see. This could be seeing energy surrounding a person, place or thing, seeing spiritual energy, seeing through people’s outward appearances, or “seeing” into the past, present or future. 

To learn about signs that may indicate that you have Clairvoyant abilities, read our blog titled, "Clairvoyance".

If you feel you have some natural Clairvoyant abilities, there are exercises you can do to further develop them. Here are a some examples:

1.Meditation for Visualization:

Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax. Imagine a simple object, like an apple or a candle, in your mind's eye. Visualize the object in intricate detail: its color, shape, texture, and any small details. Practice holding this image in your mind for as long as you can. Start with a few minutes and gradually extend the duration.

2. Symbol Interpretation:

Choose a relaxing and quiet environment and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. Ask for a symbol or image related to a question or situation. Let images or symbols come to your mind, even if they seem random or unrelated. Write down the symbols you receive and any intuitive insights about their meanings. You may find that over time you will notice patterns in the symbols you received. 

3. Aura Reading:

Sit comfortably and focus on a person or object against a blank wall. Gaze softly and unfocus your vision to allow subtle energy fields to come into view. Pay attention to any colors, shapes, or sensations you perceive around the subject. Trust what you receive and record your observations and any insights about the person's energy.

4. Object Scrying: 

Try to choose a reflective surface like a mirror, crystal, or water. You can also try the flame of a candle. Gaze into the reflective surface without focusing too hard. Allow your mind to relax and let images or scenes emerge in the reflection or the flames of the fire. Interpret any symbols, scenes, or visions that come to you. 

5. Dream Journaling:

Keep a journal and pen or voice recorder next to your bed. When you are getting ready to fall asleep, set an intention to receive intuitive messages through your dreams. Make sure to also set an intention to remember them if you are usually someone who does not. As soon as you wake up, write down or speak into your voice recorder any parts of your dreams, symbols or images that you remember. It is very important to record your dreams as soon as you wake up, because the longer you wait the more you will forget! After recording your dreams for a while, you may start to notice a pattern to your dreams and the messages that they bring. 

6. Nature Connection:

Spend time in nature. This could be anywhere outside that you enjoy. Take a seat and some deep breaths and observe the environment with a soft gaze. Set an intention to allow your third eye to open up and see the energy of the space around you. Trust your intuitive impressions and try to understand the significance of what you perceive.

7. Guided Visualization:

Find a guided meditation specifically designed for clairvoyance. Follow the guidance to visualize different scenes, symbols, or images. Pay attention to the details that come to you during the visualization. Be sure to write down everything that comes to you.

8. Imaginative Play:

If you have kids, go play with them! Have you and your child make up an elaborate imaginative world.  Really try to see it in your mind. Try to think of as many details as possible. Play also helps you to raise your vibration, which can help your spiritual connections. 

9. Reading a Novel: 

Read a very good descriptive book. Try to clearly imagine all the details that the author writes. Imaginative play and reading a novel are both great ways to strengthen your imagination muscles! When your imagination is strong it's easier to receive clairvoyant information.

If you want help developing your Clairvoyant abilities or even just to see if you have them, contact one of us here at Soul On a Voyage. 

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